Сasino withdrawal GoxBet

Goxbet has an official license and several withdrawal methods are available at once, which depend on the current currency of the game account. In the online casino, 4 currencies of the game account are presented at once, namely:


Each currency has its own payment method, namely:

Gambling account currency

Available payment methods

Ukrainian hryvnia

Visa and Mastercard bank cards.

American dollar

Perfect Money, QIwi, Webmoney.



Russian ruble


a href=”/en/online-casino/”>Goxbet has limits on the minimum withdrawal amount, which also depends on the chosen currency of the game account (80 UAH / 20 EUR / 200 RUB / 5 USD).

All winnings are withdrawn as soon as possible (from 5 to 15 minutes), however, sometimes, when withdrawing funds, the bank (payment system) starts checking on the payment being made, as a result of which the transfer of funds may be delayed for a period of 48 hours (the period of bank checks ). When making small amounts, there are often no checks, which is why it is recommended to withdraw the winnings in parts, while doing this within a few days (so that there are not many active deposits, which may cause certain concerns for the bank or the payment system).

At the same time, for the convenience of players, it is available to have several accounts in different currencies at once, which will allow you to make payments and withdraw money by all the methods presented. You can switch and create accounts in the “cash” (accounts) tab.

How to withdraw money from GoxBet to a card

Only players who have the game account currency in Ukrainian hryvnia can withdraw money to bank cards. The currency of the game account is selected during the registration procedure (it can be changed later with the help of support service specialists). To make a withdrawal, you must fill in your personal profile information. This is necessary to confirm the payment in case of a bank check.

To withdraw your winnings, go to the “Withdraw” tab. A page will open where you will also need to select a payment method, and then click on the “Withdraw” button. To make a withdrawal, in the window that opens, you must specify the following information:

  • Enter the amount to be withdrawn from the game account balance,

  • Indicate the number of the card to which you want to withdraw funds (this card should have been used when making a deposit),

  • Specify additional information (this field can be left blank).

    After that, you need to click on the “confirm” button.

    How to withdraw money to an electronic wallet

    The procedure for withdrawing funds to electronic wallets is not much different from the procedure for withdrawing funds to bank cards. The user must also fill in the game profile information before making the withdrawal procedure.

    You need to go to the “withdraw” tab, then select the payment method and provide the following information:

  • output amount,

  • electronic wallet number,

  • additional information (this field can be left blank).

    The funds are received in the shortest possible time, while various checks are often absent when using this method of withdrawing funds.

    Commission when withdrawing money from the casino

    Goxbet does not take a commission for making payments, however, the commission is taken directly by the services that make these payments.

    So, when using bank cards (various payment systems), the commission is 1.5% of the payment amount + 10 UAH.

    When using PerfectMoney or Qiwi, the commission is 2% of the withdrawal amount, when using Webmoney, the commission is -1% of the withdrawal amount.

    Withdrawing money from GoxBet: instructions for players

    In order to open the possibility of withdrawing funds, you need to go to your game profile and fill in all the information about the owner of the game account. Casino Withdrawal of funds is possible only in the same way as the game account was replenished. This measure is related to ensuring the safety and security of funds on the balance of the game account. In cases where third parties gain access to the account, they will not be able to withdraw the funds stored on it to their bank cards or electronic wallets. Also, this measure helps to avoid errors when entering the number of an electronic wallet (bank card).

    To withdraw money from the balance of the game account, you must go to the “cashier” tab. Next, you need to go to the “withdraw” tab, where the current payment methods will be indicated, with which you can withdraw funds. They will also contain information about the term for crediting funds, commissions and the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount.

    You must select one of the presented payment methods, and then click on the “withdraw” button. A payment form will open, in which you will need to specify the amount of withdrawal, as well as the number of the card (electronic wallet) to which you want to withdraw funds.

    GoxBet: withdraw money from bonus account

    In order to withdraw funds from the balance of the bonus account, it is necessary to wager the bonus offers within which these funds were credited. Immediately after wagering, these funds are automatically redirected to the balance of the game account, from where they can later be withdrawn by any of the methods presented.

    In this case, it is necessary to win back these funds within the specified period. In cases where the user did not have time to wager the bonus offer within the specified period, he loses the right to receive this bonus offer, and the funds on the bonus account are burned out. Also, the right to receive a bonus expires upon withdrawal of funds, which is why it is recommended to make sure that all bonuses have been wagered before making a withdrawal.

    Solving the non-payment problem

    All problems related to non-payment of funds are solved directly by Goxbet support specialists who work around the clock. Often, when a payment is canceled by the payment system, the funds are credited to the account of the online casino client, and he can perform this procedure again. However, very rarely there are cases when the payment is not returned to the player’s account, it is in these cases that support specialists will help to return the funds, as well as to carry out the withdrawal procedures again in the future.

    To contact support specialists, you must wait 48 hours after the withdrawal request is made, since before this period their powers are limited (they cannot influence the bank and bank checks).

    GoxBet online casino contacts

    To solve various problems, you can contact support specialists using a special form, which is located on all pages of the site (Help), as well as by writing directly to e-mail: [email protected].

    When contacting specialists, it is necessary to specifically describe all the problems that have arisen, as well as indicate the return address, in order to receive a complete answer as soon as possible, which will help eliminate all existing problems.


    How long does it take to withdraw money?

    In most cases, money arrives at the specified payment method within 5-15 minutes, but sometimes there are certain delays (associated with various checks of the payment) and the payment of funds can be delayed for up to 48 hours. The administration of Goxbet, like other online casinos, is not able to influence the verification data.

    What should I do if I can’t withdraw money from the casino?

    In case of various problems, you need to contact the support specialists who work around the clock. In a short time, they will check for problems and provide the most relevant ways to solve them.

    Can I withdraw money to a Revolut card?

    You can only withdraw funds to bank cards of Visa and Mastercard payment systems, and it does not matter at all which bank these cards belong to. At the same time, when withdrawing money, you will have to pay a commission set by the bank (Goxbet online casino does not charge commission for making various payments).